Innovation On Track

What if you had access to a world-class automotive Testing Center unlike any other? A comprehensive test-bed infrastructure to validate R&D technologies in a safe, secure environment? With the ability to test-drive prototype vehicles, components, and networked systems in any scenario or situation? And promote a clean, innovative transportation eco-system?

International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC)

Asphalt Surface Straightaway

Concrete Surface Straightaway

Urban Testing Grid

Interstate Test Track

ITIC is a leading-edge automotive research infrastructure. It facilitates a new approach to incubate transportation innovations in an ecosystem environment - open to multiple stakeholders at the same time - that is safe, secure, and confidential. Our partnership between Clemson University International Center For Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) provides critical access to expert knowledge and state-of-the-art labs. The ITIC testing infrastructure, which is embedded at the South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center campus, allows companies to physically validate - in a real-world scenario - vehicle and infrastructure technologies that were conceived and developed in simulation and lab environment.

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