International Transportation Innovation Center


Testing Services

With over 550 acres, ITIC’s testbed in Greenville, SC offers an ideal environment for conducting rigorous scientific and educational testing of new mobility technologies and traditional vehicle testing. Designed by the world’s leading designer of automotive testing facilities, Tilke GmbH & Co. of Germany, ITIC’s master plan build out is occurring in priority phases to meet the most pressing industry demands for testing technologies.

Whether testing for safety, efficiency, durability or maneuverability, ITIC’s testbed is customizable for a multitude of configurations. Available to any organization, regardless of OEM, scientific or university affiliation, ITIC works to provide a unique testing experience for each customer’s needs.

Features include:
– 1-mile long x 300 ft. straightaway
– Taxiways and off-road areas
– Half day or full day rentals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
– Surface variations including asphalt, concrete and off-road surfaces
– Transport vehicle parking
– Wireless charging infrastructure capabilities
– DSRC communication network
– EV charging
– Dedicated fire department providing emergency services 24 hours a day
– Concierge services

Event Services

At ITIC, we believe the best way to educate is through experience. With that in mind, we use our testing grounds as a sensory-rich classroom where guests are able to fully grasp and absorb the power of your message. Whether it is a new product launch, driver training program, or a smart city simulation, ITIC helps organize exceptional trackside events that are both engaging and rewarding.

Located just minutes from beautiful downtown Greenville, SC, ITIC offers you and your guests access to a wide variety of outstanding overnight accommodations, dining, shopping, cultural attractions and entertainment. Situated in the heart of Upstate South Carolina’s automotive cluster, ITIC is just 10 minutes from the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CUICAR); 15 minutes from Michelin North America; 20 minutes from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport; and 25 minutes from BMW North America Manufacturing.

Contact ITIC today to schedule a tour of our facilities and see how we can help with your next mobility and technology event showcase.


Meeting tomorrow’s mobility needs requires an ecosystem approach toward research and development. ITIC provides access to a sophisticated community of subject matter experts from the smart transportation, logistics and mobility ecosystems.

With access to experts, ITIC can provide engineering and market expertise to assist your development of mobility solutions. ITIC’s approach to ecosystem development and testing brings together everyone from startups to OEMs to enterprise-level technology providers.

A successful example is the 30A Mobility Project conceived in 2016 by the Seaside Institute. ITIC has brought together technology experts from around the world to collectively find a comprehensive solution for the mobility challenges facing the popular 30A corridor anchored by Seaside, Florida. ITIC has helped Seaside establish an open learning lab for the world to observe new and developing technologies as they are demonstrated safely in a real-time environment.

Click here to learn more about the 30A Mobility Project.