International Transportation Innovation Center


Testing Services

ITIC develops premier technology testbeds to support all forms of mobility innovations, including zero-emission, automated and connected vehicles and systems. We provide automakers, technology suppliers, research universities, and start ups the ability to test and develop their innovations in open and/or closed testbed environments. In a closed physical testbed, technologies are validated in a secure and safe environment before they are deployed. In an open physical testbed, the goal is to gather data about the behavior of new technologies under real world conditions and to understand user acceptance and infrastructure compatibility.

Closed Testbeds

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Under the guidance of our strategic partner for track design, TILKE, ITIC is developing a 600-acre closed test site in Greenville, S.C. to offer a variety of test elements for urban driving, highway driving, rural-road driving and off-road driving, including smart parking scenarios. Once complete, the site will include all aspects of V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication to support connected vehicle testing as well as all aspects of vehicle charging, including stationary and in-motion power transfer. Special attention is also given to cybersecurity test scenarios – both on the vehicle as well as on the infrastructure side. In order to allow technology validation in a larger ecosystem, multi-company testing is encouraged, although exclusive test arrangements for individual companies, including private data collection, is possible. Both private as well as shared technology lab facilities will be offered, including secure vehicle storage facilities and secure IT services. The multi-purpose test track design will allow both R&D use, technology demonstrations for customers in an event setting, as well as driver training to learn the use of driving assistant technologies and its limitations.

ITIC is also working with partners in Norway on the development of a closed testbed that supports testing of connected, automated and zero-emission vehicles. Norway is the largest individual market for zero-emission vehicles in Europe and successfully implemented policies and invested heavily in charging infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. To keep its leading role in vehicle electrification and to leverage the possibilities of automated driving, Norway is striving to play a role in vehicle and infrastructure testing, particularly within cold climate conditions.

Open Testbeds

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ITIC is currently involved in the development of two open testbeds. One is along Florida’s 30A Corridor in collaboration with the world renowned Seaside Institute, and the other is in Munich, Germany in collaboration with a public private consortium.

The Florida testbed connects multiple beach communities to validate on-demand, multi-modal transportation concepts including the use of automated and zero-emission vehicles. The road and parking structure as well as the communication and grid infrastructure is actually modified to support the mobility solutions in new urban communities, such as Seaside, which suffer severe traffic and parking congestion, especially during peak tourism seasons.

The Munich testbed — Urbanes Testfeld Muenchen Garching (UTMG) — is addressing smart city mobility developments and allows a larger ecosystem of system developers, infrastructure service providers and city planners a real world experimentation zone for multi-modal transportation solutions and standards developments to enable a safer and emission-free road environment. Many of the consortium participants operate globally, and thus have knowledge to share within the global ITIC expert community.

Meeting & Event Services

From product launches to smart city pilots, ITIC organizes exceptional meetings and events to showcase mobility innovations. In our Greenville location we have a variety of options for uncommon and exceptional trackside meetings and we can accommodate any type of event, from small group breakfast meetings to private track tests with journalists, to a gathering of hundreds.

Located just minutes from Greenville downtown, ITIC offers convenient access to world-class accommodations, dining, shopping, cultural attractions and entertainment. We are headquartered 10 minutes from the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CUICAR); 15 minutes from Michelin North America; 20 minutes from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport; and 25 minutes from BMW North America Manufacturing. The ITIC site itself is connected to an active airport facility, which may be used by corporate or private airplanes. Our staff is available to assist with off-site meetings and events and spousal programs. This includes organizing events at client locations as well as at the different testbed locations ITIC supports worldwide.


ITIC has access to a large network of experts both with its university partners as well as with its partners in industry. The available subject matter expert pool can support a broad variety of topics, from contract R&D/prototyping projects and market research tasks, to technical due diligence support of startups, to suppliers utilizing the testbed environment as well as testbed development itself. With respect to new governmental regulations to test automated vehicles, ITIC can act as an independent third party that helps industry partners advance through the certification processes for automation, and also serve as a partner for government or test organizations that need independent testbeds.


ITIC ignites market disruptions for tech startups by providing them with engineering and market expertise while validating their products and services. Our closed testbeds serve as incubators where startups can develop and fine-tune their technology innovations before putting them to the test in open, real-time settings. Participation in open testbed programs not only allows startups to engage with OEMs, suppliers and enterprise-level technology providers, it also provides them with invaluable opportunities to help shape the important work occurring at these sites and affords them access to potential investors, which leads to more expedient acceptance to the open market. ITIC maintains relationships with multiple venture capital organizations as well as procurement organizations with larger automotive OEM’s and suppliers.