Joachim Taiber Speaks at Electromobility Conference in Germany

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany, (July 11, 2016)

Dr. Joachim Taiber, Chief Technology Officer of the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) in Greenville, S.C., was a featured speaker at the recent DRIVE-E Academy event, which was hosted at the Automotive Research Center of Lower Saxony in Braunschweig, Germany. A joint venture of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Germany’s leading research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft which employs more than 20,000 people, DRIVE-E aims to get interested young researchers enthusiastic about electromobility and offer them the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with their peers. The weeklong DRIVE E Academy is a conference featuring experts from industry and research who present the latest developments and research findings on the future technology of electromobility. The theme of this year’s DRIVE-E Academy was “Mobility of the Future – Exchange of Ideas.”

Dr. Taiber’s presentation was titled “Concept Development and Implementation of Open and Closed Testbeds to Validate Technologies for Connected, Automated and Zero-Emission-Enabled Driving.” Using examples currently underway today at ITIC testbed sites, Dr. Taiber was able to talk about the latest advances in technologies in the transportation eco-system and how ITIC’s approach is to validate them under real-world conditions, and in particular considering the need to develop joint standards and test/certification procedures within the automotive community.

Dr. Taiber, who was the only distinguished speaker from the United States, said, “ITIC is focused on strengthening the transatlantic connection between South Carolina and Europe. The discussions I had at DRIVE-E with both German government officials and private industry executives make it clear there is great

Headquartered at the South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center (SCTAC) in the heart of North America’s Southeastern automotive cluster, ITIC is an independent organization that plans, builds and operates closed and open testbeds supporting sustainable transportation and networked vehicle systems. One of ITIC’s largest projects under development is a 559-acre testing facility in Greenville, South Carolina, designed to deliver an unparalleled automotive testing and research environment with a specific focus on vehicle automation and vehicle electrification.


South Korea Tunes into ITIC for the Latest Innovations with Smart Cars


International Transportation Innovation Center CTO Dr. Joachim Taiber discusses Smart Cars with “Morning Wave in Busan,” a daily radio show  covering the latest domestic and international news and interesting hot topics for residents of Busan, South Korea. Click here to tune in.

German American Chamber of Commerce Southern SME Forum in Savannah on April 18 2016

ITIC, Siemens and Porsche Discuss the Future of Mobility

International Transportation Innovation Center CTO Dr. Joachim Taiber recently shared the stage with executives from Porsche Cars North America and Siemens at the German Mittelstand — Southern SME Forum in Savannah, Georgia. Held April 18, Taiber and fellow panelists engaged in an energetic and enlightening discussion about The Future of Mobility before a packed house inside Savannah’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The 90-minute presentation centered on how transportation technology — particularly vehicle electrification, vehicle automation and digital services — is altering current industry structures, business models, value creation and more.

The German Mittelstand — Southern SME Forum is an annual conference of the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC). The event provides a platform for German and American companies to exchange ideas while building relationships, and offers the opportunity to gain insights on innovative business practices. Based in New York City, the GACC fosters the economic ties between Germany and America.

Zaptech will Zap Charge EVs in R&D in SC

GREENVILLE, S.C., (April 19, 2016)


Connected Car News reported that Zaptec will soon large (sic) charging stations for electric vehicles called ZapChargers. Zaptec core technology is a super compact and super efficient electronic transformer. It outperforms transformers up to 10 times its weight and volume, and uses up to 100 times less copper and iron. Zaptec intends to develop and expand its R&D and manufacturing activities in North America and chose ITIC as a strategic partner due to its unique ability to test smart charging solutions in closed test beds and in urban and non-urban open environments with smart grid and next generation communication infrastructures. The collaboration with ITIC also allows Zaptec to test innovations such as bi-directional charging, fast charging and wireless charging.

Read the full story here…


ITIC Shines Bright at the 2016 SC Automotive Summit

GREENVILLE, S.C., (March 4, 2016)

Greenville’s leading-edge automotive research and testing facility was front and center at the 2016 SC Automotive Summit. The International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC), located at the South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center (SCTAC), kicked off the 5th Annual event in impressive style, highlighted by a thrilling Ride & Drive exhibition followed by an entertaining, music-filled reception, featuring Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues. The star of the show, of course, was ITIC, the dynamic automotive innovation infrastructure which is attracting some of the brightest minds in the industry.

“We are thrilled with the turnout for this event. Last year was our coming out party, if you will, in which we introduced ITIC to the automotive world at large. This year, it’s been great to see so many people in the industry who are now aware of the exciting things we are doing here, especially as it relates to wireless charging and the collaborative research environment we have created to foster global innovation.”

– John Hopkins, ITIC Director

Innovation is on track at ITIC

The theme for this year’s Automotive Summit was fitting: Connectivity | Collaboration | Innovation. That’s precisely the atmosphere that ITIC engenders, with an emphasis on collaboration. In attendance for the Ride & Drive and Reception were a number of industry researchers and engineers eager to discuss a variety of critical topics, such as: the latest automotive trends, innovative designs, advanced research, workforce solutions, supplier network collaboration, corporate engagement, and more. Guests were also treated to an informative speech by Dr. Joachim Taiber, Chief Technology Officer at ITIC. He emphasized the transition to a more connected, automated and energy-efficient transportation world, and the pivotal role ITIC will play in this transition.

Industry Feedback

Perhaps the best way to gauge the impact of ITIC and its contribution to global automotive innovation is to read what the industry experts on hand had to say:

“The collaborative research environment that an infrastructure like ITIC brings is unlimited. It brings together industry innovators and early adopters in a breeding ground environment to test situational, artificial, and adaptive technologies that can be validated in real-world scenarios.”

– Thomas Vaidhyan, CEO
Aten, Inc.

“ITIC gives us the opportunity to witness innovation in action. This is a facility that provides a dynamic forum to exchange ideas and theories amongst industry innovators like FORCAM. The potential here is to help make manufacturing smarter and more efficient. ITIC aims to marry R&D and testing in one centralized location.”

– John A. Mack, Director of Business Development

“The global automotive industry is evolving rapidly as technology continues to bring new possibilities. ITIC is hugely important because it brings forward-thinking companies together to collaborate, exchange ideas, and point the way to automotive innovation in the future. The fact that ITIC is located in Upstate South Carolina reinforces our State’s position in the global marketplace.”

– Hank Bennett, Director of Gasoline Systems
Robert Bosch, LLC – Charleston Plant

“When you look at automotive innovation, much of it is being driven by consumer demand and preferences. OEM and Tier 1 suppliers are constantly looking for ways to innovate for the customer. ITIC is unique in the United States in that it encourages collaboration with multiple players in a single location, marrying theory and real-world performance. It enables us to be a key player in transportation innovation at the global level.”

– Rodger Riddle, Head of Global Sales Operations
VTL Group

Rev Up the Engines: The 2016 SC Automotive Summit Is Fast Approaching

GREENVILLE, S.C., (Nov. 9, 2015)

The rubber is still burning from last year’s event and the 2016 SC Automotive Summit promises to be even more exhilarating and impactful. This year’s theme is: Connectivity | Collaboration | Innovation. Industry researchers and engineers from all across the globe will be on hand to discuss a variety of leading-edge topics, including: the latest automotive trends, innovative designs, advanced research, workforce solutions, supplier network collaboration, corporate engagement, and more. And it all begins Wednesday, February 24 at the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC).

ITIC is officially kicking off the 5th Annual Summit with a thrilling Ride & Drive immediately followed by an entertaining, music-filled reception – catered by Chef360 and featuring Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues – that will provide plenty of opportunities to network with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Speed Thrills at last year’s 2015 Ride & Drive

“At last year’s Summit, we introduced ITIC to the automotive world. This year, we are eager to further acquaint leading researchers and industry innovators with our unique, on-site capabilities we provide for comprehensive automotive research and testing. It should be a great day for everyone.”

— John Hopkins, ITIC Director